Our Hall of Frame showcases TRUECORE® steel supporters right around the country. Come back regularly as we will feature more and more case-studies about builders and fabricators who are embracing the benefits of TRUECORE® steel. And please get in touch if you have a great TRUECORE® steel story to share!

TR Homes is a WA based modular homes builder. Not only do they design their houses and framing systems, they also fabricate the framing made from TRUECORE® steel in-house, build each home in one of their manufacturing yards, and finally, deliver the homes throughout regional WA and NT.
SBS Group overcame multiple challenges to deliver the top level structure for a new apartment building in Mt Buller, VIC.
Innovative thinking by Topsteel Solutions results in a more efficient build at the Glengara Retirement Village.
A team of suppliers and partners have been working away on creating architectural skylight modules using frames made from TRUECORE® steel.
SBS Group completes large-scale LGS framing project in Winston Hills, NSW.

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