The Block 2018

TRUECORE® on top of the block

The Block 2018 follows the transformation of The Old Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne into stunning apartments. 

BlueScope is proud to be a sponsor and to see TRUECORE® steel and COLORBOND® steel on top of The Block!

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Thanks to all who entered
viewers' choice

Viewers' Choice Promotion Winner Announced

Congratulations to K.BOTHAM on being the major prize winner of the Viewers' Choice Promotion. And thank you to everyone who entered and followed this season of The Block. It has been amazing to watch the transformation of the Gatwick, and the hard work of all the contestants on the show.

If you have any questions about this promotion, please call us on 1800 738 576 or email us

Terms & Conditions

Conditions apply, see Starts 19:00 AEST 12/8/18, ends 11:59 AEDT 21/10/18. Open to AU. residents 18+ who own a residential home in AU. Max 1 entry p/person p/“room reveal”. Minor prize draws Mondays 10:00AM AEDT from 13/08/18 – 22/10/18, major prize draw at 10.30AM AEDT 22/10/18, all draws at Promoter’s office Nine Digital Pty Ltd, ABN 33 077 753 461, Level 7, Tower Building, Australia Square, 264-278 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Winners published each Tuesday after draw at NSW: LTPS/8/26021, ACT: TP18/01273 & SA: T18/1172. COLORBOND®, TRUECORE®, BlueScope, the BlueScope brand mark are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2018 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058 All rights reserved.

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Meet the girls on top of The Block

Meet the girls on top of The Block

And learn about our unique partnership
Bianca and Carla

We’re thrilled to announce that Bianca and Carla have agreed to partner with us through this exciting season of The Block at The Gatwick.

If you’re already watching the show, you’ll know that Bianca and Carla are in one of the two penthouses that are being built on top of The Gatwick, providing stunning 4m high ceilings and amazing views over the Melbourne skyline. This means that they’re experiencing first-hand, the benefits of using framing made from TRUECORE® steel, and they’re perfectly positioned to work with the colour and finish of COLORBOND® steel Matt roofing and cladding when the moment comes.

It also means that they’re perfectly placed to give us an inside-view of what led them to be on The Block, and what the experience is like as the show takes them from room to room….week by week.

Bianca and Carla met playing netball in the Aussie under 21s and have remained firm friends ever since and have been playing at the elite level for several years. Bianca’s father is a professional builder, so she has long wanted to get involved on The Block. And with the experience of Carla’s first reno behind them….they applied and made it through the 45,000 entries, to secure a place on this year’s show. That…it turns out…was the easy part! Both Bianca and Carla said that despite spending years as elite athletes, nothing they have ever done was as physically and mentally exhausting as being on The Block.

We look forward to following their journey, and to sharing the things they learn along the way that would be useful for anyone undertaking a major build or renovation – whether it’s on The Block…or your block. In the meantime, please follow us on social to get the latest updates on what’s happening on The Block, and check back here for news on how the build progresses.

Watch Exclusive Videos with Bianca and Carla:

Our Penthouse Win

Our First Winning Room

Life On The Block

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Framing The Block 2018

Framing The Block 2018

Precision and Efficiency On Top Of The Block
truecore steel frame

If you’ve been watching The Block 2018 you’ll know that the build for this season’s show includes the creation of two penthouse apartments built on top of ‘The Gatwick’, making extensive use of framing made from TRUECORE® steel.

The original plans for the penthouses involved extensive use of structural steel, and the decision to incorporate TRUECORE® steel brought significant benefits, explained Aidan O’Shannessy, Site Manager for Erilyan – the building company working on The Gatwick for The Block.

“The original structural design for this project was 14 large spanning structural steel modules coupled together onsite to form a complete open plan structure for an internal fit-out. Moving to a hybrid structure incorporating internal walls into the structural design created the scope for framing made from TRUECORE® steel to replace most of the structural steel and dramatically reduce cost. The original design would have seen up to 65tn of structural steel erected on the roof top. The new hybrid design incorporating framing made from TRUECORE® steel reduced this by approximately 50tn.

Furthermore, having prefabricated steel wall frames made from TRUECORE® steel resulted in a dramatic reduction in waste that would have been created by conventional timber infill walls built in situ at The Gatwick. It substantially reduced crane-time. And most importantly, bringing framing made from TRUECORE® steel into the project allowed for an unchanged architectural design along with massive cost savings, and enabled the project to continue to meet its ambitious targets for the build and production.

We have been especially impressed by the product’s performance over larger spans and lower pitches than we thought possible. This project has benefited greatly from the use of TRUECORE® steel; it’s lightweight, straight, fast to install and presented exceptional cost benefits.”

Aidan O’Shannessy, Erilyan


For Peter Blythe, Director of Dynamic Steel Frame, the suppliers of the framing made from TRUECORE® steel, the fabrication work to deliver to the demanding design requirements, production schedule and standards demanded by The Block was a challenge he relished:

“Working to tight deadlines is nothing new in the building industry, but factoring in the shooting schedule made getting everything right first time critical for everyone involved.

Designing the low pitch, long spans in BIM was readily achieved due to the high strength to weight ratio of TRUECORE® steel. And it was terrific to see the 12m long roof trusses, that weigh in at just 35-40Kg, being so readily carried and managed on site.

It was also great to be able to demonstrate the versatility of framing made from TRUECORE® steel when, for example, Bianca and Carla needed to move one of their walls – it was achieved quickly and easily, letting them get on with their plans for the room.

Among many memorable moments on the project was the transporting of the 4m high prefabricated walls through St. Kilda on a Saturday morning – it was a pretty amazing sight!”

Peter Blythe, DSF


Thank you and congratulations to Aidan at Erilyan, and to Peter Blythe and his team at Dynamic Steel Frame. This is a terrific example of what can be achieved with the Inner Strength of framing made from TRUECORE® steel.


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Thank you to our valued partners

Thank you to our valued partners

Dynamic Steel Frame, Metal Cladding Systems, Fielders Steel and B&D Garage Doors
skyline image

BlueScope's participation in The Block has been made possible by the generous support of our partners. 

Dynamic Steel Frame

Using TRUECORE® steel, Dynamic Steel Frame manufactures Light Gauge Steel framing systems for use in residential and commercial structures. Building with TRUECORE® steel, Dynamic Steel Frame are able to offer house framing that is 100% termite proof. With their impressive strength-to-weight ratio allowing for long spans, frames made from TRUECORE® steel allows you to make use of available space with innovative design and large open living areas. If you would like to see more examples of what Dynamic Steel Frame have been working on – check out the gallery page on their website. You will see everything from single storey homes to townhouses and multi-storey.

Thanks to Dynamic Steel Frame, The Block 2018 contestants are getting hands-on experience with the future of construction using steel frames supplied by Dynamic Steel Frame. To find out more, please check out their website.

Metal Cladding Systems

Specialising in sheet metal facade systems, Metal Cladding Systems has been in business for more than 30 years. Based in Melbourne, VIC, their fabrication offering includes architectural roof and wall panel products.

For this season of The Block, Metal Cladding Systems provided COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt in Snaplock profile for roofing and walling.

Thank you Metal Cladding Systems – you’ve delivered a beautiful job. To find out more, please check out their website.

Fielders Steel

Servicing Australia’s residential, industrial and commercial construction industries, Fielders manufacture a comprehensive range of roll-formed steel products that are supplied to commercial, industrial and domestic building markets with sites throughout Australia. Products include roofing, gutters, fascias, fences, Endurance Sheds, Centenary Carports and Verandahs, as well as KingFlor® structural steel decking and Finesse architectural steel cladding.

Usually installed on large scale multi-storey buildings, Fielders supplied The Block 2018 with Fielders Steel KingFlor® KF70®, made from DECKFORM® steel manufactured by BlueScope. 

Thank you Fielders, you've done a wonderful job! To learn more, please visit their website.

B&D Garage Doors

B&D first pioneered Roll-A-Door® technology over 60 years ago, and has been a leader in the garage door industry ever since. There’s a lovely history of innovation at B&D Garage Doors on their website, as well as lots of information about their products, colour and design options, buying a door, and service and repairs.

It’s thanks to our partnership with B&D that BlueScope Steel could provide The Block 2018 with Roller Doors. Thank you B&D Garage Doors for the excellent work. 

To find out more, please check out their website.

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TRUECORE® on top of the block

If you have story you'd like us to share here or in social media, we'd love to hear from you. Our email address is support@TRUECORE.COM.AU

And of course, please do check out the Viewers' Choice Promo - with weekly prizes as well as the grand prize, there are plenty of chances to WIN!

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Summit Homes WA

Summit Homes WA

Leading the way in WA with steel framing
summit homes

Summit Homes Group is one of Western Australia’s most well-known, award winning residential builders and with forty years of experience they have built a reputation for building high-quality homes. In recent years, Summit Homes Group has offered steel house framing made from TRUECORE® steel in many of their home designs and have been at the forefront of innovative lightweight steel construction methods.

Summit Homes Group General Manager Metro, Tony Harvie explained that they’ve been working with BlueScope since 2010 and that roof trusses made from TRUECORE® steel are currently used in over ninety per cent of their home builds.

“Our single-minded commitment to building homes of the highest quality is unwavering, so we're always seeking the most effective and efficient processes. That's why we're now offering a fully engineered steel roofing system option made from TRUECORE® steel on all our homes. Just like us, it's innovative, strong and durable,” he said.

Since 2010, Summit Homes Group has embraced the advantages that frames made from TRUECORE® steel bring to their customers including being 100% termite and borer proof, durable and dimensionally accurate. The introduction of BAL fire zone building requirements also played an important role in Summit Homes Group’s decision to build with lightweight steel frames. When used as part of the NASH bushfire standard, frames made from TRUECORE® steel can provide simple design solutions to achieve compliance when building in a bushfire zone1.

Using frames made from TRUECORE® steel has also allowed Summit Homes Group to push the envelope in home design.  Their impressive strength-to-weight ratio has enabled Summit Homes Group to create designs with innovative and non-conventional roof lines, architectural features and long spans.

However, perhaps the most significant benefit of building with roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel is the fast and efficient installation which has enabled Summit Homes Group to complete their builds quickly and has helped homeowners to move into their new homes sooner than if they had a traditional timber stick roof. Summit Homes Group manufactures their frames made from TRUECORE® steel in a weatherproof facility which can operate twenty-four hours a day and this controlled environment not only ensures the frames are built to exact specifications, but helps reduce the chance of delays. And there’s less onsite adjustment needed as the frames are precision engineered and dimensionally accurate.  

Tony Harvie also explained that frames made from TRUECORE® steel allow for a much cleaner building site as their off-site fabrication helps to minimise mess and waste on the job. According to Mr Harvie there is a misconception that tradies don’t like working with steel. “We are finding there are more trades upskilling to steel and our experience has been that trades that traditionally used timber, like roof carpenters, and who have made the switch to steel wouldn’t go back.  It’s actually been a great advantage to some of our trades – we’ve been able to give them a regular flow of work and their cash flow has improved in some instances due to the speed in which they can install steel roof frames. We commonly hear feedback from our trades that its cleaner and quicker using steel,” he said.

Summit Homes Group’s innovative truss roofing system made from TRUECORE® steel is clearly an exciting development for WA home builders.  However, this construction method has been proven and tested on a commercial-scale many times before and lightweight steel construction has also been used by residential builders in other parts of Australia for many years. Therefore, Western Australian homeowners can be assured that it’s a strong and proven building method.  

Their truss roofing system made from TRUECORE® steel is offered to Summit Homes Group’s clients at the same price as a stick timber option, is fully engineered and each build receives an Engineer’s Certificate which helps to further reassure homeowners. 

Recently, Summit Homes Group has met the challenge of speeding up second storey home renovations with a revolutionary approach to building. Innovative second storey modules are built at Summit Group’s headquarters under stringent supervision and quality control and then transported to site and craned into place. They’re built using a fully engineered steel framing system made from BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel and roofing made from COLORBOND® steel. These upper storey modules are helping to achieve a fast and efficient build which help to save time and therefore money.  

Mr Harvie explained that a key advantage of this method of building is that “homeowners can stay living in their homes whilst the upper-storey module is being constructed offsite.  This can mean a real financial benefit to homeowners if they need to rent another property whilst they’re waiting for their home renovation to finish. And as there are less rain delays, we can more accurately forecast the build time which is really helpful to our clients.” 

There are other benefits too as not only can this method of building save time and therefore money, the modules are ideal for small block sizes and can offer enhanced noise protection and thermal properties due to the advanced cladding system that is used. The offsite solution is also used to build granny flats and studios which can be craned into an unused space in backyards, helping to minimise disruption to homeowners.

“Our offsite modules are a wonderful innovation and something we’re very proud of. We’re thrilled with the speed that we can build these extensions and granny flats, whilst maintaining our Group’s dedication to building excellence and our commitment to building WA’s best homes,” said Mr Harvie.

Summit Homes Group enjoys a close working relationship with BlueScope, the manufacturers of TRUECORE® steel and as Tony Harvie explained, “partnering with BlueScope allows us to deliver a high-quality product to our clients and they appreciate us using local suppliers like BlueScope, it gives them and us a lot of confidence.”

“We love working with TRUECORE® steel, from a builder’s point of view it’s terrific to work with. We’re proud to have used the versatility of TRUECORE® steel in some of our latest Summit Homes designs, such as the Mod, Australiana and Semara, as well as all of our double storey Summit Homes designs and New Generation Loft designs.”

“We believe lightweight steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel is the future, which is why we’ve invested so heavily,” said Mr Harvie.

If you’re interested in finding more about Summit Homes Group and building with frames made from TRUECORE® steel, please visit their website.

1 For further information on building to the NASH Standard – Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas please visit
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New wrap for The Block season

New wrap for The Block season

Sharing the TRUECORE® steel experience
Discovery van

The BlueScope Discovery Vans first hit the road in 2017, following on from the success of similar activities during COLORBOND® steel’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2016. With over 20,000km already clocked up between them, they’ve visited everything from public events like the Open Day at The Block down in Melbourne in 2017, and the EKKA up in QLD, to sporting events, home shows, customer events and industry events – large and small.

On-board we have all the latest brochures for TRUECORE® steel and COLORBOND® steel, metal colour samples, information about our testing and interactive elements to help improve understanding about our products.

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Learn more about TRUECORE® steel

Free delivery on all brochure orders
brochure orders

If you'd like to learn more about house frames made from TRUECORE® steel you can order brochures for builders, or for homeowners to be sent to you, free of charge. 

Order brochures

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The Block 2017

The Block 2017

TRUECORE® steel helped to deliver an efficient build and quality finish.
the block 2017

The garages and studios on the last season of The Block 2017 were built with frames made from distinctively blue TRUECORE® steel supplied by Dynamic Steel Frame.

Dynamic Steel Frame are specialist steel fabricators with extensive experience working with light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel for use in both residential and commercial structures.  

The frames made from TRUECORE® steel were substantially pre-fabricated off site which made them a smart choice for The Block 2017 as they could go up quickly and help to reduce on-site waste and hassles. Julian Brenchley, The Block’s architect explained “we specified TRUECORE® steel because The Block 2017 was an incredibly fast production and so speed, accuracy and reliability were paramount. The pre-fabricated frames really helped us to deliver an efficient build”.

The lightweight nature of the frames made from TRUECORE® steel was another key onsite advantage as they could be easily carried and moved around the site as needed. This was helpful on The Block 2017 construction site as it was a tight working space and storage areas for bulky building materials were limited. The frames were delivered to the front of the property and were hand lifted by two men to the rear of the property without the need for a crane.

Another benefit that the frames made from TRUECORE® steel brought to The Block 2017 was their impressive strength-to-weight ratio which allowed for wide spans and suited the contemporary open plan designs featured by some of the contestants in their studio spaces. Peter Blythe from Dynamic Steel Frame explained that his company had always used BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel to manufacture their light-gauge steel framing. “For us as a fabricator, reliability is paramount and the high tensile strength and consistency of thickness of BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel enables us to push the boundaries of structural design”.

Frames made from TRUECORE® steel are consistently straight and true which helped The Block 2017 contestants to deliver a beautiful finish. Square set corners and bulkheads were featured in some of the spaces and Julian Brenchley explained “as an architect, I know how hard it can be to get these features spot-on and homeowners really notice when things don’t quite line up or look as good as they should be, but with the frames made from TRUECORE® steel these design elements were easy to get right”. And because frames made from TRUECORE® steel don’t shrink, twist or warp over time, the walls will stay straight and there’s less chance of sticking windows and jammed doors.

Julian Brenchley was so impressed with his experience with light gauge steel framing on The Block 2017, that he recently approached BlueScope to supply TRUECORE® steel for a new garage and studio at his own home in Sydney*. “I chose frames made from TRUECORE® steel for a number of reasons. It boils down to speed, durability and how accurate the frame is. I think it's absolutely fantastic”, said Julian.  

TRUECORE® steel is termite proof and won't contribute to the spread of fire. So it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners and builders are choosing frames made from TRUECORE® steel and discovering the key to a beautifully finished home is the way it starts. 

For more information about Dynamic Steel Frame and to see more examples of what they’ve been working on, visit their website gallery page.

* TRUECORE® steel was provided to Julian Brenchley at no cost 
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