Advantages of frames made from TRUECORE® steel
Straight and True to help deliver a beautiful finish
Pre-fabricated for onsite efficiencies
Lightweight and easy to move around
Impressive strength-to-weight ratio
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The Block 2017 | Steel Framing Benefits Case Study

TRUECORE® steel helped to deliver an efficient build and quality finish on The Block 2017.

The garages and studios on the last season of The Block 2017 were built with frames made from distinctively blue TRUECORE® steel supplied by Dynamic Steel Frame.

Dynamic Steel Frame are specialist steel fabricators with extensive experience working with light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel for use in both residential and commercial structures.  

The frames made from TRUECORE® steel were substantially pre-fabricated off site which made them a smart choice for The Block 2017 as they could go up quickly and help to reduce on-site waste and hassles. Julian Brenchley, The Block’s architect explained “we specified TRUECORE® steel because The Block 2017 was an incredibly fast production and so speed, accuracy and reliability were paramount. The pre-fabricated frames really helped us to deliver an efficient build”.

The lightweight nature of the frames made from TRUECORE® steel was another key onsite advantage as they could be easily carried and moved around the site as needed. This was helpful on The Block 2017 construction site as it was a tight working space and storage areas for bulky building materials were limited. The frames were delivered to the front of the property and were hand lifted by two men to the rear of the property without the need for a crane.

Another benefit that the frames made from TRUECORE® steel brought to The Block 2017 was their impressive strength-to-weight ratio which allowed for wide spans and suited the contemporary open plan designs featured by some of the contestants in their studio spaces. Peter Blythe from Dynamic Steel Frame explained that his company had always used BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel to manufacture their light-gauge steel framing. “For us as a fabricator, reliability is paramount and the high tensile strength and consistency of thickness of BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel enables us to push the boundaries of structural design”.

Frames made from TRUECORE® steel are consistently straight and true which helped The Block 2017 contestants to deliver a beautiful finish. Square set corners and bulkheads were featured in some of the spaces and Julian Brenchley explained “as an architect, I know how hard it can be to get these features spot-on and homeowners really notice when things don’t quite line up or look as good as they should be, but with the frames made from TRUECORE® steel these design elements were easy to get right”. And because frames made from TRUECORE® steel don’t shrink, twist or warp over time, the walls will stay straight and there’s less chance of sticking windows and jammed doors.

Julian Brenchley was so impressed with his experience with light gauge steel framing on The Block 2017, that he recently approached BlueScope to supply TRUECORE® steel for a new garage and studio at his own home in Sydney*. “I chose frames made from TRUECORE® steel for a number of reasons. It boils down to speed, durability and how accurate the frame is. I think it's absolutely fantastic”, said Julian.  

TRUECORE® steel is termite proof, won’t catch fire and is backed by BlueScope’s 50-year warranty* for eligible applicants. So it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners and builders are choosing frames made from TRUECORE® steel and discovering the key to a beautifully finished home is the way it starts. 

For more information about Dynamic Steel Frame and to see more examples of what they’ve been working on, visit their website gallery page.

* TRUECORE® steel was provided to Julian Brenchley at no cost