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Summit Homes | Steel Frame Residential Case Study

Leading the way in WA with steel framing


Summit Homes is one of Western Australia’s most reputable builders, having built more than 40,000 quality homes over 40 years. Since 2010 Summit Homes has offered steel house framing made from TRUECORE® steel in all of their home designs and have been at the forefront of innovative lightweight steel construction methods.

In addition to developing their own roof truss system that is now used in 90% of their homes, Summit Homes also uses frames made from TRUECORE® steel to speed up the delivery of their second-storey home renovations. This method involves building second storey modules off-site at Summit’s headquarters and then once complete, transporting them to site and craning the module into place. Each of these prefabricated modules is built using a fully engineered steel framing system made from TRUECORE® steel, and roofing made from COLORBOND® steel. This off-site solution is also used to build granny flats and studios which can be craned into an unused space in backyards, helping to minimise the disruption of construction to homeowners.


    Project Goals:

    • To reduce build times and allow for greater design flexibility across all Summit Homes houses.
    • Speed up the build times of second-storey home renovations and cause less disruption to homeowners and surrounding neighbours throughout the construction process.


    Key Benefits Delivered:

    • Design versatility:
      • The impressive strength-to-weight ratio of frames made from TRUECORE® steel has enabled Summit Homes Group to create designs with modern roof lines, architectural features and long spans, delivering an abundance of natural light.
    • Efficiency:
      • The fast and efficient installation of steel frames made from TRUECORE® steel has enabled Summit Homes to reduce build times, and for their homeowner customers to be able to move into their new homes sooner than if they had a traditional ‘double brick build’.
      • By manufacturing their frames made from TRUECORE® steel in a weatherproof facility, Summit Homes operates in a controlled environment with no weather related delays. 
      • Since the frames made from TRUECORE® steel are precision engineered and dimensionally accurate, less on-site adjustment is needed.
      • For the second-storey modular additions, homeowners can stay living in their homes whilst the upper-storey module is being constructed off-site. This then eliminates the need for homeowners to rent elsewhere during this stage of the construction.
    • Reduced on-site waste:
      • The off-site fabrication of the frames results in a cleaner building site and minimises on-site mess and waste.
    • Peace of mind:
      • Frames made from TRUECORE® steel are 100% termite and borer proof.
      • When used as part of the NASH bushfire standard, frames made from TRUECORE® steel can provide simple design solutions to achieve NCC compliance when building in a bushfire zone1.


    • David Simpson, Managing Director, Summit Homes


    Summit Homes, Managing Director, David Simpson explained that they’ve been working with BlueScope since 2010 and that roof trusses made from TRUECORE® steel are currently used in over 90% of their home builds.

    “Our single-minded commitment to building homes of the highest quality is unwavering, so we’re always seeking the most effective and efficient processes. That’s why we’re now offering a fully engineered steel framing system made from TRUECORE® steel on all our homes. Just like us, it’s innovative, strong and durable,” said Mr Simpson.

    He continued, “We’re proud to have used the versatility of TRUECORE® steel in all of our Summit Homes Group display homes, as well as our client homes. We believe lightweight steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel is the future, which is why we’ve invested so heavily.”

    Summit Homes enjoys a close working relationship with BlueScope, and as Mr Simpson explained, “Partnering with BlueScope allows us to deliver a high quality product to our clients and they also appreciate us using a local supplier. It gives them and us a lot of confidence.”


    Project Details:

    • Location: Western Australia
    • Principal Steel Products: TRUECORE® steel

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Summit Homes and building with frames made from TRUECORE® steel, please visit their website.

    And watch this video of TRUECORE® steel ambassador, Tom Williams interviewing COO of the Summit Homes Group, David Hunt, about the impact that using framing made from TRUECORE® steel has had on their business. 

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    1 For further information on building to the NASH Standard – Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas please visit

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