New 'Hall of Frame' Case Study: TR Homes

February 20th, 2020

TR Homes is a leader in the modular homes industry in WA and NT. They not only design their houses and framing systems, but they also fabricate the framing made from TRUECORE® steel in-house! The majority of TR Homes customers are located in regional areas of WA and NT, and often finished homes are transported on average 400-500 kilometres away from where they are constructed.

Says Group Sales and Business Development Manager, Nathan Hollis, says “We know that TRUECORE® steel can be relied upon from a performance point of view, a trade point of view and a structural point of view”

To date TR Homes has won a total of 21 HIA Awards including the 2018 WA State level award for ‘Transportable / Kit Home of the Year’ for their Hamelin Bay display home (pictured above). 

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HALL OF FRAME - TRUECORE® steel case studies

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