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Schiavello Bathroom Pods | Steel Frame Time Efficiencies Case Study

Schiavello’s innovative bathroom pods exemplify their commitment to being a leader in prefabrication and modular building, meeting the growing demand for offsite construction.

Project Goal:

  • Deliver time and cost efficient bathroom pods to specialist student accommodation Developer, Urbanest.

Key Highlights/Challenges:

  • Reducing labour time and cost
  • Increasing accuracy and efficiency

Key Benefits:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Simplicity
  • Cost


  • Damien Crough, Technical Leader – Advanced Building Manufacturing at Schiavello

Key Elements:

  1. Speed: Schiavello are no strangers to building bathroom pods, but transitioning from welded square hollow section frames, to framing made from TRUECORE® steel has enabled them to deliver the frame for these pods in just 60 minutes. Furthermore, with more supports to work with, the fit-out is faster too, and Schiavello can deliver a completed, fitted-out bathroom in 13 hours.
  2. Accuracy: With framing made from TRUECORE® steel, Schiavello no longer has to contend with holding components in position for welding, and now quotes tolerances down to 1mm due to the precision with which frames made from TRUECORE® steel can be fabricated.
  3. Simplicity: In moving to framing made from TRUECORE® steel, Schiavello has taken welding out of the construction process, in favour of simple screws in pre-punched locations.
  4. Cost: Increasing speed and accuracy has enabled Schiavello to offer a superior product at a lower price. As a result of their initial delivery to Urbanest’s construction company on this build, ICON Co, Schiavello are already bidding on four more projects with ICON Co, involving another 2,000 bathrooms.


Summing up the project, Damien Crough said:

“In Melbourne, we’re looking at some 10,000 new student rooms being built in the next four years and there’s a massive need for high quality, cost and labour efficient offsite construction methods to deliver them. Our bathroom pods are trucked to the location, craned onto site, wheeled into position and dropped onto the concrete. It’s highly efficient. And with a 13 hour turnaround on each pod, highly cost effective.”


Project Details:


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