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Discovering the benefits of using framing made from TRUECORE® steel

Inspired Homes is a family owned and operated home builder located in the northern suburbs of Perth. They opened for business 13 years ago and have already won multiple HIA and MBA Awards. Founded by husband and wife team, Vas and Danielle Spaseski. Mr Spaseski was a well-known town planner and Mrs Spaseski has a background in accounting. They founded the company aiming to be a home builder that addresses what the customer wants first and foremost. Explains Mrs Spaseski, “The basis of the business is, if I was a client or customer what would I want?” 

WA has traditionally mainly had a double-brick construction industry which is how Inspired Homes first built their projects, but they realised several years ago that there are alternative options to explore. Says Mrs Spaseski, “We were looking for an option that could offer us flexibility in design and more efficient build times”. In 2018 they completed their first two builds using framing made from TRUECORE® steel simultaneously for Mirvac.

They were approached by the developers with an urgent request for two new sales offices – one for their Maddox Estate in Piara Waters and one for their Iluma Estate in Bennett Springs. Says Mrs Spaseski of the request, “We came up with this idea of a single-storey house and a double-storey home that they can use now as a sales office and later on sell as houses once the development is finished. We built the single-storey in 12 weeks, and the double-storey in 16 weeks – start to finish.”


  • Danielle Spaseski: Operations Manager, Inspired Homes (DS)


Project Goals:

  • To build two new sales offices for Mirvac on a very compressed timeframe. 
  • Each home also needed to easily convert into a 4-bedroom home once the development was complete. 


Key Benefits Delivered (DS):

  • Speed: 
    • The single storey building was completed in 12 weeks. The double-storey was finished in 16 weeks. Based on Inspired Homes calculations, this reduced their estimated projected build time for each of these projects by at least half when compared to a double-brick construction option they considered. 
  • Site efficiencies:
    • By using framing made from TRUECORE® steel, there was a significant reduction of on site waste when compared to their previous double-brick builds.
    • The shorter build times resulted in reduced vehicle traffic, associated carbon emissions and noise implications, along with less community disruption.
    • A reduction in site hire of scaffold and utilities cost was an added benefit to the bottom line due to the speed and efficiency of construction by using framing made from TRUECORE® steel. 
  • Flexibility:
    • The framing made from TRUECORE® steel allowed for great flexibility to make changes to the design of each building, and the ability for each to be retrofitted into a 4-bedroom home once the developments are complete. 
  • Backed by BlueScope:
    • Support provided by BlueScope has helped Inspired Homes and their trades to successfully implement a construction method that was new to them. 

Mirvac was thrilled that Inspired Homes was able to meet their tight timeline for the build – “they were over the moon” says Mrs Spaseski, and equally thrilled that they would be able to sell this off as a home at the end of the display period. Following the completion of each build Inspired Homes was excited to talk about this success with their other clients. “Once we did it, and we saw the product and the 16-week building program for a two-storey home, you just can’t compete with that” says Mrs Spaseski. 

Since the Mirvac projects, Inspired Homes has completed more than 20 homes using framing made from TRUECORE® steel. Working with WA-based fabricator, Combined Metal Industries who manufacture and installed their frames, Inspired Homes also appreciates the ongoing support of using a product backed by BlueScope. “They offer great support for the trades on how to install the product and the procedures. And a company that’s being supportive and offering assistance to trades really helps us” says Mrs Spaseski. 

Inspired Homes is also celebrating some recent successes for their “The Malbec” display home. This build won the 2019 HIA Australian Project Home of the Year and the team could not have been more excited with the win. Adding to this success, they also took out the 2019 HIA WA Excellence in Service for Medium Builders for the third year in row. 

Project Details:

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