TRUECORE® steel New TV Commercial

May 07th, 2023

Since its launch in Australia almost 20 years ago, TRUECORE® steel has been steadily increasing in popularity.

However, the past five years have seen TRUECORE® steel go from strength to strength, as more and more builders and homeowners have seen that this really is the modern, smart way to build.

People have realised the undeniable benefits - a house frame made from TRUECORE® steel is strong and durable, straight and true, and termite proof to name a few. A frame made from TRUECORE® steel becomes the heart of your dream home, giving your house the inner strength, it needs, now and for the future.

TRUECORE® steel’s new TV commercial celebrates the strength and durability of steel house frames by taking us on a journey through a family’s life. In the story, we seamlessly move between the rooms of a happy family home, watching as a tiny toddler suddenly becomes a very active young boy - then a busy father - then a doting grandfather, each scene magically jumping ahead in time in the same family house.

As the camera follows the action, we float through walls, upstairs and down, revealing momentary glimpses of the TRUECORE® steel that forms the bones of this much-loved family home. It’s obviously been built to last, with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel ensuring its timeless precision and durability for generations to come.

That durability is at the heart of why TRUECORE® steel is a great choice for modern Australian homes.

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