The rise of light gauge steel framing in top-floor construction

June 24th, 2024

With the ever-increasing density of our cities, owners and developers are looking for smarter ways to increase occupancy and maximise the asset value of their existing buildings. Top-floor construction is an emerging modern method of construction that supports the addition of new levels on top of an existing multi-level build.

"If you took a bird’s eye view of our cities, you’d see a lot of empty space on top of buildings that’s begging to be developed. Often existing buildings are built with additional structural capacity that can be explored as the launch pad for single or multi-level multi-million-dollar builds, that take in the best views our cities have to offer. Prefabricated lightweight construction enables architects and designers to explore this blank canvas and take their designs to new heights”.

Michelle Gissel, National Business Development Leader Commercial Framing, BlueScope.

Unique advantages

Light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel offers a range of unique advantages for those looking to develop their over-air real estate. Frames made from TRUECORE® steel:

  • Are often pre-modelled using computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering software. Laser scanning of existing buildings can be incorporated into 3D modelling of top-floor constructions, enabling clashes to be prevented and spaces to be visualised prior to construction.
  • Are lightweight and offer an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for long spans and flexible design possibilities.
  • Are engineered and detailed to limit the need for hot-rolled structural steel sections which may add over-engineered complexity and costs to a build.
  • May be prefabricated to exact tolerances, supporting rapid installation once frames are onsite.
  • May reduce exposure to construction delays associated with weather and slab curing times.
  • Are 100% termite proof.
  • Remain straight and true, helping to achieve a high quality internal & external finish.
  • Won't warp, shrink or twist which can help limit framing movement over time.

Case study examples

To learn more about the benefits of top-floor construction and the structural advantages of using TRUECORE® steel, see our Hall of Frame case studies:

1. AusTruss: Ramsay Clinic Northside

2. The Gatwick Apartments

3. Dynamic Steel Frame: Lonsdale Apartments

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