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SBS Group – The Langdon Project | Commercial Steel Frames Case Study

SBS Group completes large Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing project in Winston Hills, NSW. 

Project Summary:

SBS Group has successfully completed a three-storey apartment addition on top of an existing busy shopping centre. Engaged from the design stage by Hamilton Marino Builders, the SBS system made from TRUECORE® steel saved approximately two-months on the construction program and associated preliminaries. 

Project Goal: 

  • To deliver a three-level apartment development on top of an existing shopping centre.

Key Highlights/Challenges (NG): 

  • The shopping centre is located on a busy street and remained fully operational throughout construction.
  • A firm deadline and tight program for completion.

Key Benefits Delivered:

  • Speed:
    • The SBS frame structure was designed in a way to allow follow-up trades faster access to site. (NG)
    • The lightweight design was easier to install than a conventional concrete or timber structure, resulting in a faster build and install. (TJ)
  • Efficiency: 
    • The prefabricated system resulted in fewer deliveries needing to be coordinated within the busy shopping area. (NG)
  • Integration:
    • SBS Group was engaged in the design stages of the project which allowed them to help facilitate the complete engineering solution of light-weight framing. (TJ)
    • The shop drawings from SBS Group were coordinated with windows and joinery shop drawings to help to eliminate design clashes. (TJ)


  • Tim James, Commercial Manager, Hamilton Marino Builders NSW (TJ)
  • Nigel Grimshaw, Sales Manager, SBS Group (NG)
  • Roger Weeks, Operations Manager, SBS Group (RW)

In summing up the project, Tim James, of Hamilton Marino Builders said that “By using the SBS Group System, we estimate that we have saved approximately two months of construction program and associated preliminaries”

SBS Group expands on this. “We addressed the challenges faced by the builder by using, our BUILD SMARTER approach through the design stage from initial concept through to delivery. Working hand in hand with the builder and ensuring that the frames were delivered and designed in such a way as to allow the installer to install effectively and allow the follow-on trades on site quicker.” (RW)
Of the selection of TRUECORE® steel, Roger Weeks from SBS Group continued, “I consider [TRUECORE® steel] to be an industry standard in LGS framing and a project of this scale demanded quality materials and processes.”

Project Details 

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