New 'Hall of Frame' Case Study: Smartsteel Frames

December 18th, 2018

WA based Smartsteel Frames has been in the steel manufacturing business for many years. They combine long industry experience with a culture of attention to detail in their efforts to ensure their clients receive a quality product the first time. Client Relations and Sales Executive, Georgette Nicoski, says:

“TRUECORE® steel is dimensionally accurate and has allowed Smartsteel Frames to design a simple, fast and reliable framing system that requires little or no onsite rectifications” says Ms. Nicoski “And cost savings is where our clients really reap the benefits - the ability to speed up construction time by prefabrication can make a world of difference, not to mention the speed in which follow on trades can be brought in.”  

While product expansion within the steel framing market is a business priority, they are also running a program with broader audiences to help promote steel framing as a preferred building material and system. 

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