Strong and dimensionally accurate
Fast and efficient installation
Straight and true resulting in a beautiful finish
On-site labour savings
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SMARTSTEEL FRAMES - Promoting Steel Framing in WA

WA based Smartsteel Frames has been in the steel manufacturing business for many years. The company is founded on the principle of “do it right the first time” and they are particularly proud of feedback about  how stress free, simple and accurate the framing  delivery and installation process can be for their customers. 

Smartsteel Frames combines long industry experience with a culture of attention to detail in their efforts to ensure their clients receive a quality product the first time. Client Relations and Sales Executive, Georgette Nicoski, says “We are keenly aware that time and economic factors are  extremely important to our clients and we give them the due diligence they deserve to help bring time and cost-effective savings to their projects.”

“TRUECORE® steel is dimensionally accurate and has allowed Smartsteel Frames to design a simple, fast and reliable framing system that requires little or no onsite rectifications” says Ms. Nicoski “And cost savings is where our clients really reap the benefits - the ability to speed up construction time by prefabrication can make a world of difference, not to mention the speed in which follow on trades can be brought in.”  

This sentiment was echoed by Dean Pasene of KYDE Quality Builders, who has been working with Smartsteel Frames for several years, and says that the key difference when using steel stud framing is that it stays “true and straight and requires very little if any adjustment at all upon completion to attain straight, plumb and level lines”. Adding to this, says Dean, the prefabricated steel frames “can negate hours of additional labour versus traditional timber framing/brickwork…and as a result of their lightweight nature, engineering costs can be reduced for applications such as second story renovations, as less structural steel or fewer cavity columns are required”. 

Mr Pasene also noted that Smartsteel Frames use of TRUECORE® steel for their framing, “has helped in keeping up to date with developments and trends within the steel stud install industry.” A sentiment echoed by Ms Nicoski who went on to explain that, in the future, Smartsteel Frames is not just focussed on product expansion within the steel framing market, they are also running a program with broader audiences to help promote steel framing as a preferred building material and system. The program targets architects, engineers, builders and other follow-on trades, and provides events, tools and information to support these groups in the transition to building with steel. Says Ms Nicoski, “Our vision is to provide a complete system and service from start to finish of every project and to everyone involved in the process.” 

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