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Peter Blythe, Director of Dynamic Steel Frame, the steel frame fabricator involved in the manufacture of the balustrades and structural frames for the upper level highlighted the following benefits in utilising light gauge steel (LGS) framing made from TRUECORE® steel in this project.

Key benefits:

Design Versatility & Precision:

Prefabricated with engineering precision, graduating curves and shapes have been skilfully crafted using LGS framing made from TRUECORE® steel.

3D Design and Engineering Software:

3D software was used to confirm the exact graduation of the balustrade frames required to wrap around the building to achieve the architect’s vision and the symmetry of the curved balconies at each level of the building.

Efficient Construction:

Lightweight yet strong, and easy to install, the use of LGS prefabricated frames reduced the safety and waste concerns created by on-site construction.

Project details:

Parc Vue is an exclusive collection of prestige apartments, located amongst the naturally spectacular Bundoora Park. Undulating curved balustrades, clad in timber tones have been deployed to soften the building’s appearance and meld it into the surrounding landscape.

The silent hero of this balustrading design is the LGS framing used underneath. Prefabricated with engineered precision, this project showcases the design versatility of LGS framing made from TRUECORE® steel. To realise the design of the balustrades, innovative 3D design and engineering software was skilfully deployed by steel fabricator, Dynamic Steel Frame. The graduation of LGS frames was modelled in precise detail to achieve the visual aspiration of the curved balustrading wrapping around the building. 

“The modelling not only created peace of mind around the design outcomes, it also provided clarity and efficiencies during the build.”

Peter Blythe, Director, Dynamic Steel Frame

Suitable for both structural and non-structural applications, LGS framing made from TRUECORE® steel was also used for the top floor wall frames and roof trusses in this build. In this project ~7000lm of TRUECORE® steel was used to great effect, especially when working through the complexity of constructing the bridge between the two apartment blocks.

Lightweight yet strong, and easy to install, the prefabrication of the LGS frames reduced some of the safety and waste concerns associated with on-site construction. “This style of construction is well suited to LGS framing, and often results in a faster, more efficient result”, mentioned Peter Blythe.


  • Peter Blythe, Director, Dynamic Steel Frame

Project Information:

  • Project: Parc Vue Multi-residential Apartments
  • Location: Bundoora, Victoria
  • Client/Developer: Future Estate
  • Architect: Map Architecture
  • Builder: Verve Constructions
  • Fabricator: Dynamic Steel Frame
  • Principal Steel Product: ~7000 lm of LGS framing made from TRUECORE® steel
  • Build: 8 Storey Mixed Use


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