BlueScope releases new Environmental Product Declarations

December 18th, 2023

BlueScope has recently published a range of new Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) providing transparency for the environmental impacts of its products, such as TRUECORE® steel.

“Based on life cycle assessment (LCA), BlueScope EPDs are expressions of our strong commitment to environmental transparency and reflect our focus on product stewardship and broader commitment to sustainability. EPDs are increasingly sought after by customers due to their robust and credible third party verified information. EPDs can be used as a tool to assess the LCA of a whole building or structure, which can help inform materials selection and design choices to minimise environmental impacts across the building life cycle,” said Philippa Stone, BlueScope's Sustainability Manager.

BlueScope’s EPD for TRUECORE® steel includes rollforming information, to provide indicative results for the final formed product.

BlueScope’s range of EPDs can be used to support life cycle assessments including embodied or upfront carbon, for end uses such as buildings, and can be used as a source when using rating tools such as Green Star.

“The combination of the product-specific EPD for TRUECORE® steel, and ResponsibleSteel™ certification for Port Kembla Steelworks where the steel in TRUECORE® steel is manufactured, equates to a Responsible Product Value of 15 in the Green Building Council of Australia’s Responsible Products Score Checker. This is considered “Best Practice” under the Responsible Products Framework and may contribute to a project’s Green Star rating," said Philippa.

Further Information

  • Information on initiatives, and how products can contribute to a Green Star rating can be found on the Green Building Council Australia website
  • Information on how steel manufactured by BlueScope in Australia, including TRUECORE® steel, can assist in gaining Green Star credits is available on STEEL SELECT®
  • BlueScope’s range of EPDs, including the EPD for TRUECORE® steel, can be downloaded at

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