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March 06th, 2024

The built-in advantage of using TRUECORE® steel in Aged Care facilities.

With Australia's population ageing and life expectancy increasing, the demand for modern care facilities is growing. This growing demand not only requires timely delivery of new facilities, but facilities that offer scalability in design and construction, and consider the needs of elderly residents, both now and into the future.

Light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel may offer many 'built-in' design advantages in the way it is designed and detailed to include wheelchair accessibility ramps, large windows, wider doorways and structure for fixing handrails and wall recesses.

Having transitioned from the comfort of their own homes, many aged care residents look for facilities that support the health, wellbeing, and social aspects of their lifestyles, whilst providing access to a true domestic living experience. Room designs may be engineered to support modern open-plan living and can be orientated to take in their natural surrounds and natural light. Rooms are often designed into smaller clusters to support care requirements and to provide a sense of community with neighbouring residents.

With the growing demand for modern care facilities to be delivered both on time and at scale, lightweight steel framing offers many advantages, including:

Built-in benefits

Light gauge steel frames are often pre-modelled using computer-aided design and engineering software, enabling spaces to be visualised and perfected before being built. Additional services and amenities can be built into the overall design, providing a blueprint for rapid installation when the framing arrives onsite.

Many LGS fabricators have supported the construction of multiple aged care facilities, providing them with a vast knowledge of not only framing design but how to support builders through the construction process. Their expertise can help builders gain additional construction efficiencies and support the efficient use of materials and resources.

Designed to support onsite safety

Framing made from TRUECORE®️ steel can be detailed in such a way as to support safe handling onsite and limit the exposure of workers working at height or the need for heavy lifting machinery. Pre-fabrication of framework offsite also minimises the amount of onsite waste and supports following trades throughout the installation and fit-out phase (as the framework comes pre-punched with service holes).

Precision engineered

Lightweight framing made from TRUECORE®️ steel has an impressive strength to weight ratio, which may minimise or eliminate the need for hot rolled structural steel sections on a project. This has been viewed favourably by builders who may be looking to reduce project timeframes and budgets, without foregoing any structural requirements of their projects. Lightweight steel framing can also be used to promote longer spans in shared communal spaces that bring residents and their guests together for social activities and dining.

Strong foundations

Light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE®️ steel is straight and true and won’t warp, twist or shrink, providing a solid framework for buildings that are designed to last. Light gauge steel framing provides architects and designers with the freedom to design purpose-built facilities that are lightweight, durable and cater to the modern way of living that many residents may be accustomed to.

Supporting healthy living environments

Framing made from TRUECORE®️ steel won’t burn or support the spread of flame, is 100% termite proof, and will not rot or absorb moisture all of which may contribute to reducing the ongoing operation cost of an aged care facility. Importantly, TRUECORE®️ steel has been independently tested and is classed as low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting. It also does not require ongoing chemical treatments for termites, supporting healthier living environments for the elderly.

Case study examples

To discover aged care projects that have benefited from the use of light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE®️ steel, see our Hall of Frame case studies:

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