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SBS Group delivers in a tight townhouse site

SBS Group’s use of framing made from TRUECORE® steel for the three-level townhouse development in Pleasant Road, Hawthorn helped reduce the build time on a tight site.


Project Goal:

  • Deliver a three-level townhouse development on a tight site

Key Highlights/Challenges: 

  • Limited access to and on site
  • Reducing build time

Key Benefits:

  • Frames were light enough to be handled by two people
  • No lengthy time required to straighten the walls
  • Reduced on site waste/rubbish to dispose of


  • Caleb Grimshaw, Design Manager, SBS Group (CG)
  • Stephen Compton, Construction Manager, Liberty Builders (SC)

Key Elements (SC):

  • Tight site: Working with SBS Group’s framing made from TRUECORE® steel meant that even the larger frames could be carried into position on this site by two people, without cranage. (SC)
  • No need to straighten walls: The precision of framing made from TRUECORE® steel meant that once the frames were in, the team would not be spending lengthy time on site fixing up twisted and warped timber walls, which was a particular consideration on this project, due to its size. (SC)
  • Reduced costs and time: SBS redesigned the original plans, to substitute a significant amount of structural steel with framing solutions made from TRUECORE® steel, which aided Liberty Builders in terms of both costs and time on site. (CG) In fact, Liberty Builders estimated that the time saved on the structural element of the build was between 4-6 weeks. (SC)
  • Reduced on-site waste: With prefabricated frames made from TRUECORE® steel, there is a reduction in waste on site, and the manual handling of the rubbish to remove it from site. (SC)
  • Ease of managing services: With webs in the floor joists and pre-cut holes in the studs and noggins, it is easier to pass cables and the like through to where you need them. (SC)


Summing up the project, Stephen Compton from Liberty Builders said: 

“The beauty of working with frames made from TRUECORE® steel is they’re quick, straight, light and generate less onsite mess; we saved 4-6 weeks on the structural element alone.”

Caleb Grimshaw of SBS Group said:

“We believe that to build faster and easier, we have to be smart about the way we design our framing systems. That’s why we use the analogy of designing with the nail bag on. We approach each project as if we were the builder searching for time, labour and cost savings.”


Project: 99 Pleasant Road, Hawthorn

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Architect: Jam Architects

Principal steel products: 37,158m of framing made from TRUECORE® steel.

Builder: Liberty Builders

Steel Fabricator: SBS Group


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