Innovation Steel Frame & Truss and Yack Constructions

February 10th, 2021

A stunning residential home located near the small tourist town of Yackandandah in northeast Victoria, is being built using a mixture of framing made from TRUECORE® steel, concrete and structural steel. 

The home is located on a lush 300-acre cattle fattening property and will comprise of three ‘pods’ – the east pod containing the master bedroom, the central pod includes the kitchen, dining and lounge, and the west pod contains the guest rooms, media room, gym, office and laundry. By moving the six-car garage underneath the house and using internal glass slider doors, all pods will have 360-degree views – a requirement that was very important to the owners to take full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings. 

Having had issues with termites in the past, the homeowners first used lightweight steel framing when renovating the 1950’s farmhouse that is located elsewhere on this property four years earlier. “It was an easy decision for us to use steel again. We just think that building with a steel frame makes sense” said the homeowners. 

Local builder, Yack Constructions completed the farmhouse renovation for the family, and the homeowners were so impressed with owner Justin Maybury and his team, that they didn’t hesitate to ask them back. Yack Constructions have completed many projects using lightweight steel framing. “It’s definitely something that is getting more and more popular – especially amongst more rural properties where termites are an issue” said Mr Maybury. 

Wodonga-based Innovation Steel Frame & Truss were engaged for the framing and used the ENDUROFRAME® system for the design and fabrication of the framing made from TRUECORE® steel. Due to the custom nature of the house design, Innovation made several trips to the site to conduct measurements for the build – an extra effort that was praised by Yack Constructions. “It all fitted really well when we installed the frames. Everyone was very happy” said Mr Maybury. 

Construction on the house is now complete and the exterior features COLORBOND® steel roofing, cladding and garage doors in the colour Monument®. Laughed the homeowners, “We love steel, glass, brick and stone as you can see by the design!”


Project Details:

  • Project: Residential Home – 'Yackandandah House'

  • Location: Yackandandah, VIC

  • Principal Steel Products:

    • Framing made from TRUECORE® steel

    • Roofing and cladding: COLORBOND® steel in the colour Monument® 

    • Garage doors: B&D panel lift made from COLORBOND® steel in the colour Monument®

  • Builder: Yack Constructions 

  • Steel Fabricator: Innovation Steel Frame and Truss 


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