Indah Island - Hamptons Farmhouse Project

May 21st, 2020

Natalee Bowen

Indah Island have recently completed renovating a stunning farmhouse in Toodyay – a rural township located an hour north-east of Perth. Indah Island specialises in the 'Hamptons Style' and was founded by Interior Designer and media personality Natalee Bowen. This project was a team effort with her husband Mark Bowen, who oversaw the construction of the build and managed all trades. 

The original Toodyay Farmhouse was built in the 1860’s by Mark’s fifth-generation grandfather and has been in his family ever since. When the opportunity to purchase the property arose, Natalee and Mark jumped at the chance to keep it in the family. The initial plan was to fix up the original farmhouse and keep it as it a weekender for their family. However, when it was revealed that parts of the homestead were in derelict shape, they instead decided to salvage what they could of the main section of the home and to add on two new wings on either side. Now completed, the home will be used to host events for clients and builders, as well as a place for the family to come together. 

The stunning Hamptons Farmhouse includes framing made from TRUECORE® steel for the roof and walls of the two new wings of the home. Of the material selection says Natalee, "When designing and building this amazing home it was a very easy choice to use frames made from TRUECORE® steel. The main reason behind our decision was that we needed a strong and durable frame that won’t catch fire and be able to deliver on the design we had created. It was incredible to see the home come to life before our eyes. Within a few days the structure was up and our vision of this home transformed into a sea of blue."

Construction of Hamptons Farmhouse is now complete and we sat down with Natalee to discuss the benefits of using TRUECORE® steel for the build. 

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