Advantages of frames made from TRUECORE® steel
100% Termite proof
Won't ignite or contribute to the spread of fire
Impressive strength-to-weight ratio
Pre-fabricated for timely on-site construction
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Homefab Steel Truss and Frame proud frame supplier to Master Builders Far North Queensland award winning home.

August 2017

Three years ago David Vivian watched on in disbelief as his newly acquired cottage in Miallo, Far North Queensland was destroyed in a fire. The one-bedroom mostly timber home was razed in ten minutes and after months of soul-searching, he was determined to rebuild and start a new life.

Today the news is much happier with ‘The Perch’ built by Alan Jenkins Builders recently awarded the Best Use of Steel Frame Housing category at the Master Builders Far North Queensland Housing & Construction Awards, held at Cairns Convention Centre. The award is in its inaugural year and was proudly sponsored by BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel.

The win was a combined effort with local businesses working together to achieve a fantastic outcome. Mr Vivian conceived the original building concept and praised his local builder, Alan Jenkins who brought the dream to reality, “his willing attitude and skilled knowledge allowed the design to push the limit”. The award was also deserved recognition for Building Designer Peter Dall’Alba from PD Designs who in conjunction with Homefab Steel Truss and Frame from Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands engineered and prepared the plans for the award-winning home. Homefab also manufactured and delivered the frames made from TRUECORE® steel and Mr Vivian acknowledged them as “a great little business with a big heart”. 

Steel wall frames and trusses made from TRUECORE® steel were chosen for their speed of construction, strength and the reassurance that they won’t contribute to the spread of fire. Mr Vivian also explained that termite resistance was an essential consideration due to the location being nestled within the rainforest.

Both the design and location lent itself perfectly to the advantages of TRUECORE® steel. With Cairns being a traditional block construction area, the design and construction method demonstrated the versatility and strength that TRUECORE® steel can provide, even in cyclonic areas. 

The Perch was designed as a bird-watching platform and nearly half the home is suspended over the rainforest floor below.  The contemporary and minimalist design is a superb example of a dwelling that exists in harmony with its tropical environment.

The team at Homefab determined that framing made from BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel would be the most efficient way to accommodate the steep and dense rainforest location, an environment prone to termites. “The integral lightweight strength and low-maintenance properties of steel provide durability in a tropical environment”, explained Peta-Maree Broadley from Homefab.

Alan Jenkins Builders appreciated the lightweight prefabricated components which facilitated easy delivery and access and allowed for efficient and timely on-site construction.

“My gratitude to PD Designs, Homefab and Alan Jenkins who have all guided me on this journey. There were times when I didn’t think it could be done, but from a blackened and challenging beginning to an award-winning home nestled in the rainforest – my life has changed completely”, Mr Vivian said.

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