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Fortitude Frames | Prefabricated Steel Frame Case Study

A customer-centred approach changes the game


Fortitude Frames is a manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated steel wall frames and trusses located in Tocumwal, near the New South Wales-Victorian border. Using the ENDUROFRAME® building system, they specialise in providing a light gauge steel framing system that has been designed with the builder in mind. Owner and founder, Dennis Sutton, started his career as an apprentice to a timber home builder, and went on to run his own residential building business. After coming to the conclusion that “steel framing was the way of the future” and the best way to give his customers the longevity and termite-proof frames that they were looking for, Mr Sutton started fabricating steel house frames using TRUECORE® steel.

At the same time a shortage of carpenters in the Tocumwal community, led Wayne Duff, owner of Stoneway Constructions, to look for ways to reduce the time needed on-site for his trades.

Key Challenges:

  • A shortage of trades in the local area meant that it was getting harder to book carpenters for jobs. (WD)


Key Benefits Delivered:

  • Speed:
    • Using prefabricated steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel has reduced the time on-site for carpenters hired by Stoneway Constructions from an average of 2 weeks to only 4 days. (WD)
  • Peace of mind:
    • Frames made from TRUECORE® steel are 100% termite and borer proof – an issue that Stoneway customers were highly concerned about. (DS)



  • Dennis Sutton, Owner and Founder, Fortitude Frames (DS)
  • Wayne Duff, Owner, Stoneway Constructions (WD)



Mr Duff has been very pleased with the time savings he achieved by using framing made from TRUECORE® steel.

When discussing one of the residential projects Stoneway has completed with Fortitude Frames, he said, “I only need to get hold of a carpenter for maybe four days instead of two weeks”. This benefit, along with a growing demand for steel framing from customers, converted Stoneway Constructions to building 100% of their projects using steel frames.

The partnership between the two companies is unique and based upon a willingness to listen and learn. The team at Fortitude Frames actively encourage feedback from their clients about how to improve their system to make their builds easier for their customers: “Fortitude has actually developed a ‘Stoneway Preferred Method’ – they’ve tailor-made their system to work with what we need. And that’s huge.” says Mr Duff.

And making their frames using TRUECORE® steel has also had a big impact on business for Fortitude Frames. Says Mr Sutton, “The branding and the distinctive benefits of TRUECORE® steel are giving our business credibility in the marketplace and the confidence to attract new customers”.


Project Details:

  • Location: New South Wales and Victoria
  • Principal Steel Products: TRUECORE® steel
  • Builder: Stoneway Constructions
  • Steel Fabricator: Fortitude Frames

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